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    Our staff are fully trained and expert in handling every situation.

    All activities fully insured for every risk.

    Our services are available to residential and corporate clients and municipalities.

    No matter how big or small the job we only give 100%.

    Our Services include:

    • Tree Cutting, Felling and Removal
    • Stump Removal
    • Trimming
    • Pruning
    • Cutting Back
    • Precision Cutting
    • Dangerous Tree Removal
    • Palm Tree Cleaning
    • Bush Clearing
    • Site Clearing & Demolishing (all types of demolition including all types of buildings

    We work 7 Days A week Even During Public Holidays

    We specialize in tree cutting and felling and approach each job in a professional and safe manner. Each felling job presents its own unique set of challenges.

    Tree felling is a high risk field and the safety of our client and that of our staff is a top priority.

    We use modern up to date processes and safety equipment to get the job done professionally and safely, every time.

    “Private & Commercial Work Undertaken”

    Our fully qualified staff ensures your requirements are met in full and your expectations are exceeded. We are friendly, reliable and extremely trustworthy.

    All activities fully insured for every risk.

    Call us on cell:0810068753

    Tree Trimming & Tree/Palm Pruning

    Are you looking for a Pretoria Treefelling Company to help you trim or prune your trees? Whether for reasons of safety, health or appearance, we provide a variety of tree trimming, cutting and pruning services for both residential and commercial customers. When trees are blocking entrances, walkways, sidewalks, buildings, driveways, windows, gardens, neighboring properties, causing interference with broadcast services and satellite dishes, or if they’re just plain growing out of control, we can help! Pruning can solve these issues as well as enhance the health and appearance of your trees, giving them a long and healthy future. Did you know that well maintained trees also sustain and increase property values? Another valuable benefit!


    performs tree trimming and pruning services regularly and we are quite familiar with issues of the city landscape. From accessibility, wires and electrical lines, to close-neighboring properties and precise control of falling debris and clean-up, we are experts in these circumstances with many years of professional experience and we take great pride in our problem-solving abilities when it comes to tree pruning and tree trimming in PRETORIA and Gauteng area

    Treefelling and Removal Pretoria 

    If you have dead, dying, diseased, damaged, leaning, falling, rotted or decaying trees on your property, tree removal may be a necessary option. A compromised tree can pose major safety hazards to people and property and should be assessed by a professional to avoid potential risk of injury, damage and liability! If there are any issues that can be fixed with pruning, trimming, bracing or cabling, we can sometimes utilize these before tree removalis necessary, but you may need to have your tree removed if…

    1) Tree has root problems

    2) Tree has permanently damaged structural integrity

    3) Storm damage has weakened structural integrity

    4) Angle of the trunk leaning has become extremely curved.

    5) Tree has insect infestation or disease

    6) Tree is already at the point of rotting or decaying

    Trees may also be removed because they are an undesirable species for the location, an obstruction in the landscape or blocking new construction.

    In the case your tree does need to be removed, Pretoria Treefelling Guru performs tree removals safely, affordably and quickly! We are Experts in dealing with the unique challenges of the Pretoria landscape to get the job done! Call us today for an assessment and free quote!



    Tree Stump Removal

    Are you looking for a Pretoria Stump Removal Company? Tree stumps can be unsightly on your property and they can also be safety hazards if not seen while walking or running by! If you’re wondering what to do about those tree stumps sticking out of the ground, stump grinding and tree stump removal is the answer!

    Removing Tree Stumps

    Tree Stumps can be removed in just minutes with our stump grinder machine which eliminates stumps by grinding the wood into sawdust. This process also eliminates any remaining connecting roots in the ground for a clean, flush finish.

    The Tree Felling Guru provides expert tree stump removal & grinding services throughout Pretoria and can help you grind and remove your tree stump.

    Call us today for a free stump removal quote!

    Storm Damaged Trees

    Heavy winds, rain, lightning and storms can wreak major havoc and cause tree damage, fallen branches, fallen power lines, car damage, roof and property damage, blocked paths and scattered debris – all things which can pose a serious danger to either your home and family or your business and customers. These conditions can also be a major safety hazard if not handled properly! Keep in mind that tree branches under pressure from high winds or the weight of snow and ice can still fall, snap or break even after the storm.

    Emergency Tree Service

    In the event of storm damage on your property, please don’t hesitate to give us a call to perform a fast storm clean-up in the safest manner possible! We have many years of experience performing this service for the Pretoria and Gauteng area. We provide fast, reliable emergency tree service and emergency tree removal in the Pretoria.

    We offer free quotes and are fully insured!


    Hazard Tree Assessment

    Trees can become a hazard for many reasons ranging from age, storm damage, uprooting, disease, nutrient deficiency, insects, structural damage, decay, termites, beetles, root problems, soil problems, pests, etc. Even seemingly healthy trees can sometimes fall or have issues!

    When a tree has a condition that poses a safety risk to people or property, it’s important to address the issue as soon as possible before incident or injury. Hazardous trees can cause serious damage to your home, business or property, not to mention people!

    As tree service professionals , we pride ourselves on being experts in dealing with hazard trees and can give you a free assessment for your unique situation.

    Call us today for a free quote!



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